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Video: Boston’s Aquarium giant tank is a renovated marvel

June 30, 2013 – 10:39 am |

Old fish, new fish take in their swank harborside home
The divers carefully lowered themselves into the tank and swam slowly for a few minutes, giving the sharks time to relax …

New York Aquarium Reopens After Hurricane Sandy

June 17, 2013 – 3:13 pm |
New York Aquarium by David Shankbone - Wikimedia

The New York Aquarium re-opened for the first time, this week, after closing its doors due to the floods from Hurricane Sandy, back in October of this year.
Back then, I …

8 Brilliant Ads Of The Vancouver Aquarium

May 25, 2013 – 3:52 pm |
LEFT — high tide. RIGHT — low tide. Brilliant.

Very creative and very educational ads of the Vancouver Aquarium.

High & Dry: 8 Amazing Abandoned Aquariums with Video

May 18, 2013 – 3:24 pm | One Comment | 
8 abandoned aquariums

Recreating the sea on land is no easy task, especially when a stable and viable marine ecosystem is the crux of the plan. When things go wrong, however, the life …

National Aquarium in Washington DC Closing In September

May 11, 2013 – 11:59 am |
The National Aquarium Washington DC

The National Aquarium closing has been announced for September 30 in Washington, D. C. The US Commerce Department headquarters, which houses the aquarium, is in the process of renovations, which …

Zoo seeks mate for last surviving ‘gorgeously ugly’ fish

May 10, 2013 – 9:46 am | One Comment | 
Male mangarahara cichlids are distinguished from the females by their size and flowing fins

London Zoo is appealing to fish keepers to try to find a mate for a critically endangered, tropical species.  The Mangarahara cichlid (Ptychochromis insolitus) is extinct in the wild but …

Aquariums as teaching tools: New aquarium at The Woodlands Children’s Museum provides valuable lessons

May 7, 2013 – 2:05 pm |

The Woodlands, TX (April 18, 2013) — The Woodlands Children’s Museum has updated its aquarium exhibit, adding a stronger structure and expanding the size of the tank. The museum invites …

River Safari, World´s largest Freshwater Aquarium

April 20, 2013 – 11:37 am |

River Safari is the newest addition to Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s portfolio of award-winning parks. Nestled between Singapore’s two award-winning wildlife parks – Singapore Zoo and Night Safari – River Safari …

The Vancouver Aquarium AquaVan

April 20, 2013 – 10:56 am |
The Vancouver Aquarium AquaVan

Connecting Students With Marine Life
AquaVan programs are designed to inspire the stewardship of all aquatic habitats and encourage the discovery of connections between animals, environments and ourselves. All AquaVan programs …

Clearwater and Tampa aquariums exploring partnership

April 14, 2013 – 4:40 pm |
The Florida Aquarium

CLEARWATER – There may be two big fish in the Tampa Bay area, but that doesn’t mean one of them has to eat the other.
 That seems to be the evolving …

Video: ‘Ice fish’ Bleeds Clear Blood

April 13, 2013 – 8:06 pm |

The deep oceans have yielded many mysteries that have puzzled people for centuries, from the giant squid to huge jellyfish that look like UFOs. To that list add a fish …