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Article Archive for April 2013

Company Is Accepting Marketing Stop for Specific Algaecides

April 30, 2013 – 11:34 pm |

HOF, GERMANY–(Marketwired – Apr 30, 2013) – Tetra GmbH has recognised the full scope of the civil action launched by its German competitor Söll GmbH before the Hamburg Regional Court …

Why Guppies Seem to Have a Death Wish

April 30, 2013 – 11:17 pm |

Guppy owners know to keep the lid on their aquarium tightly sealed. Otherwise, the colorful little fish will leap to their deaths. Possibly into a chai latte. That’s where one …

Invasive predator fish that can live outside water hunted in Central Park

April 30, 2013 – 9:48 pm |
(Ed Wray/AP)

Environmental officials are set to conduct a survey of a Central Park lake for the northern snakehead, an invasive predator fish that can live out of water for days.
According to …

CoralVue Looks to Control Your Heaters and Chillers

April 30, 2013 – 3:17 pm |
CoralVue Aquarium Temperature Controller

One of the biggest issues with using aquarium heaters is a general hobbyist fear of their failing in the on position and cooking everything in the aquarium. To avoid these …

Research Finds Human-Zebrafish Gene Link

April 30, 2013 – 10:20 am |
The Zebrafish, Danio rerio

Researchers demonstrate today that 70 per cent of protein-coding human genes are related to genes found in the zebrafish and that 84 per cent of genes known to be associated …

Lucrative fish-smuggling trend in California

April 30, 2013 – 9:00 am |
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement Senior Special Agent Lisa Nichols holds up a Totoaba fish bladder seized by federal authorities at a Calexico port of entry. The fish bladders are sold on black markets for potentially thousands of dollars each to be used in Asian delicacy cooking. (CHELCEY ADAMI PHOTO / April 25, 2013)

CALEXICO — When Calexico resident Song Shen Zhen, 73, recently drove through a Calexico Port of Entry, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer noticed plastic grocery bags under backseat …

After 35 years a golden oldie turns up his fins: Britain’s oldest goldfish, Splash, loses lifelong tank buddy, Splish.

April 29, 2013 – 9:27 pm |
Shocked: Richard Wright had expected the fish to live for no more than a few years after winning them at a funfair with his children in 1977

When his children brought two goldfish home from the fair in a water-filled plastic bag, Richard Wright thought they might survive for a few months.

Perfect Storm Looms for Brazil’s Diversity of Fishes

April 29, 2013 – 7:14 am | 3 Comments | 
The South American Silver Croaker, Plagioscion squamosissimus, proposed for culturing in cages in Brazilian reservoirs. Figure modified from Froese and Pauly.

Brazil Proposes to Approve the Planting of Invasive Fish Species
Biologists fear a new wave of invasive fish species will be headed for Brazilian waters if legislation in that country’s Congress …

Devil’s Hole pupfish: Extinction could be near, with just 35 left

April 28, 2013 – 4:39 pm |
Two Devil's Hole pupfish are shown in a cave at Death Valley National Park near Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in this undated file photo.

What began decades ago as a fight to save the world’s most isolated fish might soon end in one of the most well-documented extinctions ever.
Only 35 Devil’s Hole pupfish are …

Animal Display Manufacturer CASCO Makes U.S. Debut

April 28, 2013 – 7:39 am |
Casco makes it to the U.S.

CASCO, a global business specializing in pet and aquatic store fixtures, has launched its CASCO America division. Backed by CASCO Europe, CASCO America will offer customers a full range of …

The river of plenty: uncovering the secrets of the amazing Mekong

April 28, 2013 – 7:38 am | One Comment | 
Catfish in Lao PDR market from the Mekong. Photo courtesy of FISHBIO.

Home to giant catfish and stingrays, feeding over 60 million people, and with the largest abundance of freshwater fish in the world, the Mekong River, and its numerous tributaries, brings …

ESF Scientist Rediscovers Long-lost Giant Fish from Amazon

April 27, 2013 – 1:50 pm |
Arapaima sp. from Guyana. Image: D.J. Stewart

A professor at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) has put aside nearly a century and a half of conventional wisdom with the rediscovery of a species …

Eheim StreamON and StreamON+ pump

April 27, 2013 – 8:33 am |
Eheim StreamON Pump

Eheim is finally getting into the market for propeller water pumps with the development of their new Eheim StreamON and  StreamON+ line. The Eheim StreamON and StreamON+ pumps are shaped …

The ‘living fossil’ coelacanth fish left behind by evolution

April 27, 2013 – 5:51 am |

A deep-sea fish which became known as a “living fossil” has not changed in appearance since before the time of the dinosaurs with the help of an extraordinary genome that …